Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking back...

I was just reviewing all of the posts I have written that never made it as far as being actually posted.  I have copied all of these drafts, even the blank ones, and I am going to post them here for you now.  They are all incomplete, or titles only, but I thought I would post these to let you see the workings of my mind... that is if you dare to, or care to examine said workings... I have included the dates of these drafts as well... please do not use this post against me, thank you.

Day 4 - 6/26/08

Day 5, A Friday - 6/27/08

Today is the last day in our 'old house'. We have people coming over to move tomorrow morning fairly early, which we are thankful for, however, we still have lots to pack.

A Day in the Life of the PLRS Gaming Club - 10/29/09

I'm sitting here, at school watching some of the kids kill each other. Of course, I had to get parental approval before I could let it happen. The weapons fire and the screams of the wounded and dying are somewhat annoying, but if it keeps the kids happy, then who am I to complain. Sounds like an excerpt from "Battle Royale", doesn't it. Before anyone calls and reports me to the authorities, let me clarify that the kids are playing "Halo", and yes, I did get parental approval to let them.

Gastric Joy... - 11/12/09

I'm watching a colleague's class right now. About half an hour ago another teacher came in to use the microwave. What he heated up still remains unknown, but the odour that is lingering has elicited a few comments from some of the students. The room, in fact, is redolent of something that has existed primarily to offend, disgust, and most likely exude gases that would melt solid steel.

We All Have Days... - 12/9/09

We all have days where we definitely need to be treated with kid gloves. Days when the daily grind has done its job and left us feeling bruised and tender. Where do we turn when we feel like the world has had its way with us and then tossed us aside because we were all used up? To be honest, there are a plethora of options, but I'm convinced that the best answer is the truth. The truth? You say. Yes, the truth. Let me explain.

We all have within us a core of truth that is only for us and only understood by us.

Reflection - 12/11/09

I was

No Time For Time - 12/29/09

Perception... - 1/13/10

I was just having a conversation with a colleague about how many people percieve the world around them, and it lead me to thinking about how we develop our perceptions, etc.

Change, change and more... that doesn't change... - 1/20/10

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