Sunday, June 27, 2010


Although I have decided to write more here about writing, I will also continue to blog about thoughts and ideas, my life, and anything that I feel like blogging about.  I also feel a very strong tendency to write sort of stream of consciousnessly coming on, so please bear with me.  Right now I want to write about changes.  In fact, you could define my life lately with that word. 

I have been offered a teaching position about six hours north of where I currently live.  Since this makes a commute a little difficult, we have decided to move closer to the school that I will be working at.  The job itself is an incredible opportunity.  I will be teaching in my subject specialization (English) as well as French, photography, and video.  However, I will be living on 162 acres of farm land that is at least 45 minutes from the nearest town, (Spirit River, or Dawson Creek), and an hour and a half from the nearest city, (Grande Prairie), which means that we will be far more isolated than we are used to. 

I really don't want this blog to become an announcement page, but I need to say all of this to illustrate my point.  Our lives will be changing... drastically.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.  In fact, this is an opportunity that would be hard to find anywhere else.  However, very many things will be very different for us, but here's the kicker... wait for it... wait for it... change is only temporary.  Tada!  Really, it is.  When we moved into the house we are currently living in, I told my wife that it felt like a house and not a home.  I also told her that I felt that I would never be able to call it a home.  Well, now that we are moving, I am feeling sad about leaving the 'home' that I became very comfortable in and very fond of.

Change is temporary.  Let me explain.  Change and time work very closely together, in fact, you might even call them two aspects of the same job.  Change occurs and time comes along and smooths everything over.  It's kind of like time follows change closely and cleans up any messes that change might make.  It has been said that time is the great healer, well it is.  It is also the great fixer upper, the great cleaner upper, and the great big, soft mattress that we land on when change comes along and throws us off of the electric bull, so to speak.  Time makes everything all better.

This doesn't mean that change is always easy, but since we live our lives uni-directionally from past to future, we know that the great temporal shift of time will come along and make everything better if we will let it.  That's the key.  We can choose to let go of that which is left behind, or we can hold on so tightly that time would need a crowbar to pry it out of our hands and minds.  It comes down to what almost everything comes down to... choice.  Well, we have gone from change to choice... what's next?

Well, we'll have to wait for the next post to find out the answer.  Don't worry, I won't change my mind.  I won't change channels, or change direction, or even change places or positions.  I will post an answer to the question, "what next", and that's a promise that isn't going to change...