Friday, October 16, 2009

While my [computer] gently weeps...

I've been playing around with twitter recently, and I must say it has been an interesting experience. I signed up quite awhile ago, but never did anything with it - much like this blog, which I intend to update at least weekly, and it has actually been closer to yearly, (something that is changing with my re-discovery of twitter). I started playing with twitter again because I kept coming across references to it on msn, and facebook, etc. However, I found it a somewhat lonely experience, mainly because I had no followers. I went several days without any when I decided to look up an old friend on twitter. She lives in Sri Lanka and is very active in the facebook/twitter communities. I found her and followed her, and within minutes she became my first official follower... I was thrilled. Even more thrilling for me was the fact that within five or so minutes I had six followers. Now, I know that six seems paltry compared to some people's thousands, but I am happy to have these six because it means that I have six people from all over the globe that I can share my thoughts with.

I am still figuring out twitter, with all its little codes and stuff, and I'm sure that eventually it will become old hat. I don't want to turn this blog entry into an advert for twitter, so I'll stop here, suffice it to say that I am really very happy to have discovered it.

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