Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh for a muse of fire...

One of the joys that comes with writing is seeing others react to your work positively. If success leads to more success - and for a writer, having someone else enjoy reading what you write is success, then why is it that writers who are good at their craft often find it hard to do. Is it a planet alignment thing? Shakespeare's cry, which titles this blog, is one that I am positive many writers have cried throughout time. The answers are always there, and they are always easy... to give, but when factors such as lack of time to write, lack of time to write, and ohhh, let's see... lack of time to write are thrown into the proverbial mix, then it becomes clear that 'said' time for writing becomes time for playing with the kids, or time sleeping, or time doing a myriad of other things that are not writing. (That was a long sentence that I had to nip in the bud... it was in danger of going on for many more lines, phew, but I digress...)

I have decided to try the suggestion that is thrown out to every writer who faces this situation, and that is... wait for it... to write! So here I am sitting here and writing while I am labelling a disc on my computer. (Actually, I am beside my computer, not on it, and the computer is actually doing the labelling, not me... I just told it too...)

If you have noticed a tendency to ramble here, it is because I am. This is because I am following the aforementioned suggestion to write. Is it working? I don't know. I guess if someone leaves a comment (hint, hint), I will know. (Sorry for the blatant attempt to garner written feedback about my blog... well, not really.)

I am going to end this blog with the promise that I will attend to it on a regular basis and a more frequent basis.

To all those of you out there who write, remember that the muse of fire was considered the highest muse, the one most sought after by wordsmiths, hence, the one that Shakespeare calls upon. May the fiery muse visit you and keep you company.

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  1. Well, it's about time you started writing on here. I check every so often, and it hasn't been promising :) Glad the muse is speaking to you again. Ramble on, my friend!