Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 4, A Thursday

Today is the last day of school and I am here providing crowd control and not much else. A few of the kids are talking about the year just ending and the year to come in September. I started thinking... it seems to me that we spend our cognitive lives in the past and the future, but very rarely in the present. Is it because the now is so fleeting? The past will always be there, whether we remember it or not, and the future, although not guaranteed, is waiting for us to catch up with it. I guess what I am saying is that we seem to plan for the future, and relive the past, but we do these things in the present.

I was reading this blog entry to another teacher and a student who was listening yelled out, "Who would read that?" It's a good question.

Working with kids has been great for my perspective. I feel that I have gained a somewhat clearer view on what really matters. I often hear people say to me, "How can you teach? I could never do it." My response, if only to myself, is... how could I not.

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