Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 2, A Tuesday

Yes, I know that a little bit of time has passed since my last blog. However, that's the nature of my journeys... there is no set anything; they happen when they happen.

Today was the last day of soccer season here in the community of Malmo in Edmonton. It was bittersweet; I will miss the guys, and I will also miss the title "Coach Mike". This particular journey was a good one and I feel that my life has somehow changed because of it... more on that as it develops.

I had an interesting discussion with a colleague today. I mentioned that if and when we (humans) all leave this earth, the planet will reassert itself, and other than a few scars, life for our planet will continue on in its entropic journey while we become no more than a distant memory. He commented that we will always be here and that nature and man will learn to work together in harmony, etc., etc., etc. I mentioned that our views were not mutually exclusive, that in fact, it is more a question of time. Who knows?

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