Sunday, November 11, 2012

Seeking peace...

It seems that I am following a theme here, but that's okay.  I tend to write about what's on my mind and in my heart.  I don't have many people following this blog, but the ones that I do have, I really love and appreciate.  If you read my blog, and you like what you read, why not follow?  Why not even comment?  It will certainly make me happy, and you know it will make you happy too.

There are times when I struggle to feel happy.  Even though I feel that we can choose to feel happier, there are often things that hinder making that choice.  Sometimes I struggle because my life situation is not what or where I would like or need it to be.  Other times, it is because there are people that I love who are struggling and that makes me sad.  Sometimes, it's simply that the chemicals sloshing around in my brain are not sloshing the way they should. 

It's funny because there are times when I feel happy or content when I have every reason not to.  I don't get it, but I take it when it comes and I run with it.

One thing that I used to do a lot of is reading.  I have not read anything for pleasure for a very long time, and I wonder if I still can.  Part of the reason is my masters program... 'nuff said.  Another reason is that I am working on a novel, and I don't want my story 'corrupted' by other literary influences.  That is, I don't want what I am reading to creep into what I am writing.  I am starting to revise my thinking on that, though.  I miss reading, and the feeling of peace that often comes from doing so.  Yes, sometimes I do it purely just to escape, and that is alright.  Other times I read for the simple pleasure of reading a good story.  These two reasons might seem the same, but there are significant differences.

So I think I will both write and read, and see where that takes me.  It's funny how this post started out one way, and seemed to end in a completely different way... but then again, maybe it's not...


  1. Spending time actively doing something that you enjoy is important, probably even more important right now, right at this very moment. From Madonna's secret lover in Istanbul.

    1. Anonymous, you are right. Any other response I would give you would either be a lie or a dirty rotten lie. Thanks for the comment! Enjoy Istanbul, I would love to visit some day. Give my love to Madonna.

  2. You are right. Once you start doing a post grad degree, the reading becomes part of the "job" of completing the degree. However, I am unsure how much "corruption" pleasure reading will affect your is an experience just like anything else that occurs during the course of your day and thus affects your reading.

    The happiness/sad issue is a tougher one since it is so individual in terms of what we see ourselves doing and being and how we think the world sees us which can cause a loop in our heads as to whether we "are" happy or not....

    Happy Morning....from the looks of the is a smile giver :-)

    1. Hi Antonella,

      I was worrying about corrupting my novel, but since I haven't had time to do any real work on it, I am just holding myself back from something that mught relax me when I need it. So I will take your advice and read away.

      I'll take the happiness when I can get it, and try to wait patiently for it to return, when I can't.

      Thanks for commenting!