Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time off does not necessarily mean time off...

I've been meaning to update my blog for some time now, and I was looking forward to this week off to do so.  I am quickly discovering that I may need a break from my break.  The reality is that unless you plan every moment of the day when you are on holiday, life is very unstructured.  Now, I am the last person to complain about the lack of structure since I find that flying by the seat of my pants and living life full on is the way to go, and this happens best when I don't actually plan.  However, This week is not one that has allowed me to steer my course through it with only my behind to guide me; this week has consisted of doctor's appointments for my daughter and wife, visits to the in-laws, and grocery shopping. 

I was very close to going on a school trip to France, but circumstances occurred to make that an impossibility.  So, instead, I am changing nappies, feeding babies, and staying up late watching Star Trek Voyager until 0100 in the morning.  I don't want to sound like I'm complaining though, because I'm not.  I have a chance to support my wife, spend time with my family, and watch old episodes of Star Trek; these are things France would not have given me.  I also don't want to complain because most of the working world doesn't get spring break off, and I don't want to come off as a putz.

You have probably figured out that this is one of my blog entries where I ramble.  Rambling is good, though.  It is very stream of consciousness type stuff and you never really know where it will take you.  I knew that I would ramble as I sat down to write this, because I am writing more for the need to do so, than for the need to say something specific.

So, bear with me.  This blog entry may not be the best thing that you have read today, this week, this month, or this year, but hopefully, it won't be the worst either.

I have only one and a half days left of spring break.  Tomorrow, me and my son are going to the mountains to have some good solid father and son time, and when I get back I will take my daughter out for some daddy daughter time as well.  Saturday will see and my wife going on a date, so I guess after all is said and done, France has nothing on my being with my family.

I will get some writing done this week, and I have almost finished this entry, so I guess I am not as far behind the game as I thought.  I also made new friends on twitter, and making friends is always a good thing, and I will take friends and family over France any day.

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  1. We all look forward to time off from the daily schedule, but sometimes, it's not what we expected. Then again, those can also be the most productive times where after all the work is done, it feels great to know it's out of the way and relax back into routine.